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Philadelphia Authority For Industrial Development (PAID)

PAID is a public authority incorporated by the City of Philadelphia and organized to undertake three main activities. PAID is a vehicle through which PIDC manages properties and industrial sites on behalf of the City including property acquisition, improvement, environmental remediation and/or sale. PAID also issues taxable and tax-exempt bonds on behalf of non-profit organizations, qualified manufacturers, other exempt organizations, and the City of Philadelphia. PAID serves as a conduit for governmental contract and grant program funding for economic development projects throughout the City. 


The day-to-day affairs of PAID are managed by the PIDC under the direction and governance of the five-member PAID Board appointed by the Mayor of Philadelphia.


Thomas A. K Queenan
Chief Financial Officer

Leslie Anne Miller, Esq.
Leslie Anne Miller, Esq., LLC

Evelyn F. Smalls
United Bank of Philadelphia

David L. Hyman, Esq.
Kleinbard Bell & Brecker LLP

Dennis J. Pagliotti
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1 PA/DE